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Price: $225.00
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The DB Plus takes the advantages of design features from two of the most popular SMT heads on the market and multiples that with cutting edge technology for the pinnacle in playability, forgiveness and length. SMT made use of the tested and proven double forged crown from the SMT Indio to reduce the center of the DB Plus crown without effecting the outer edges' full strength and thickness; this cumulation increased the moment of inertia making the DB Plus easily the most stable head for off center shots available from SMT Golf. Not stopping there, SMT took the size and forgiving attributes of the 455 Deep Bore and increased them just enough to make this clubhead as forgiving as mechanically possible. The head itself appears to be smaller in size, but in fact is the largest available in the line. The SMT DB Plus is certainly a one of a kind head that will play true to the stated loft with a solid piercing, low spin, ball flight. The SMT DB Plus will give you a spectacular sensation and new distance starting from your very first tee shot.