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alpha golf

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

We’ve got all your alpha golf equipment here.  We’ve got the new V5LX and the old classic C830.2.  Don’t forget that we use some of the best technology out there.  They use High Impact Testing in order to test each and every model that comes off the line.  No they don’t test every club head, but every specific type of driver they do test.  What they do is hit the club over and over to test it’s longetivity and also to see if there are any irregularities in it’s design.  They then focus on those irregularities and resolve them to make a perfect club head.  One that will hit farther and straighter than anything else out there.

Matrix golf shafts

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

We’ve got your Matrix golf shafts here. Matrix golf shafts are the best shafts you can find on the open market… And we’ve got every single model available at a highly competitive price.  We also guarantee 110% price matching on any competitors products.  So if you find a better deal somewhere else, take that to us and we’ll knock 10% off OUR competitor’s price.

But what makes matrix golf shafts so much better than everything else?  Simple, they’ve got the best technology out there to make a perfectly weighted shaft.  And we’ll custom fit that shaft for you, and install it on a shiny new driver head (or whatever other club you prefer).

Unique Wedding Invitations

Monday, July 13th, 2009

A perfect way to showcase your individual style is to design unique wedding invitations.  Do it yourself invitations are on the rise and especially for those looking out for a budget.  But you would be pleasantly surprised to know custom wedding invitations are also extremely affordable.  Unique Designs can assist you in choosing a style, layout, color, paper, and even personal monogram.  Unique Designs specializes in elegant wedding invitations.